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Free Digital Training

Are you "Technologically Literate?"

How would you like to be taught how to use digital resources to build an online course for your students - for FREE!  Here's a sneak preview:

My friend Jim at Digital Learning Tree has given me permission to offer their most popular course (valued at $279) free of charge for anyone who learned about it from newteacherhelp.com

You will learn how to build a perfect compliment to your traditional course - complete with a variety of digital resources to engage your students like never before.  They will HAPPILY complete their homework, and their parents will happily help them.  Parents will call your Principal to tell him/her how awesome you are for using 21st Century teaching methods to change their child's life!

I'm not kidding...I know because it is happening to the teachers who have taken this course!

This course is entirely online, and packed with so many cool lessons, videos, and other resources even a complete technophobe will become an expert in digital learning.

All you have to do is email my friend Jim and tell him you want to take the course.  His email address is:

I can also hook you up with a username and password if you want to email me at newteacherhelp@yahoo.com
Just put "DLT" as the subject line of your email so I can get right to it!

**Please give us your "personal" email address and phone number (optional)....we have discovered that teachers who give us their "school" email address are not receiving our login information because of school district "spam filters".  If you have signed up and not received your login information in three days or so, call or text Shannon at (417) 209-9402 and we will get you set up!

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, and be eligible to receive Professional Development credit.  Show your Principal that you care about implementing technology in YOUR classroom - show him/her the course...or the certificate that certifies you as a "Digital Teacher"!

Here is an example of what one of the courses looks like "on the inside" - it is the New Teacher Help course.  Your FREE "Digital Teaching" course will look very similar to this one!

Our courses have been "discovered" by The University of The Pacific - they like them so much that they are offering graduate-level credit to educators who complete our New Teacher Help course, Flipped Teaching course, and Implementing iPads in the Classroom course.  The three credits teachers earn by taking these courses could really move them up their district's pay scale!

School administrators, why would you pay money for experts to visit your school to provide teacher training, or pay to send teachers to expensive conferences (and pay for hotel rooms, gas, meals, plane tickets, substitute teachers, and other expenses?)  Teachers LOVE these online courses because THEY choose what topic to learn about, and they can learn on their own time, when it is convenient for them, and at their own pace!

One problem with "One Day Training" is that there is no follow up.  Teachers may be excited initially about their training, but they have no support system in place.  The expert has moved on to another school or district, and the conference teachers attended is over quickly.  With Digital Learning Tree courses, teachers can go back to re-learn what was taught, or refer back to important material so that they don't give up and revert back to their old way of teaching when they encounter an obstacle.

You will find that there is not a more economical or effective way to train your staff than Digital Learning Tree!  If you don't find a topic your staff is interested in, we can show you how to make your OWN Professional Development!  I use the platform to train our Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers, Custodians, and other classified staff as well.  Enjoy your free course, and we hope to serve your PD needs in the future!

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