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Do you want to survive your first year of teaching?  I can help!

Are you a new teacher?  Do you need help?  You’ve come to the right place!  newteacherhelp.com was built to provide information about teaching and learning to new teachers.

***If teachers were paid what they were worth - they would ALL be driving Lamborghinis like this one!

Okay....I will stop dreaming and get back to the business of helping teachers!

*Find helpful hints about how to run your classroom effectively.

*Discover the secrets of the educational profession that you will not find on any other website.

*Learn strategies to deal with the student (or class) that is driving you crazy!

*You will learn how to get along with parents, students, other teachers, support staff, and (most importantly) your administrators!

*You will also be given strategies on how to make a good first impression.

*Legal issues in education will be discussed in detail, and potential pitfalls will be revealed to you so that you can avoid them.

*For teachers wanting to take their craft to the next level, a “New Teacher Survival Kit” is available for download which includes a discipline plan, parent contact strategies, and ways to make your first teacher evaluation a knockout!

*Your Principal will find it hard to believe that you are a rookie teacher when you implement the strategies contained in newteacherhelp.com!

Bookmark this site!  You may think that you won't need the hundreds of pages of FREE content...but eventually you will!



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What Are Your Strengths?

First Impressions

Student Relationships

Off - Limits Topics

The Good Ol' Days

How To Not Get Sued

Electronic Devices

Social Networking Sites

Solving Mysteries

Support Staff

Videos In The Classroom

Your Teaching Style

NCLB & You

Help...I'm Going Crazy!

Why Am I Doing This?

What's Wrong?

My Credentials

Be the "Idea Person" At Your School

Administrator Alley

Substitute Etiquette


Teacher Handbook Example

Legal Disclaimer

Introduction to Special Education

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Stress Reduction Techniques




New FREE Content!!

Dealing With Bullies

"We Were Just Playing Around"

It's sweeping the nation!  "Flickety Slappy-Tap"

Are you sick of hearing "I Love You!" from your students?

Students Taking Charge Against Bullying
Do your students ever ask you questions?  How do you answer them?  DO you answer them?  If you don't have time to answer them...why don't you let ME answer them!
Common questions students ask:
Why do we have to go to school?


The newest trend in education is the "Fidget Spinner" or "Fidget Cube" - these gadgets keep students focused...especially those with ADD or ADHD.  Click here to see the latest designs at the lowest prices!

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