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Dear Fellow Educator,


By now, you probably know that I’m all about finding awesome FREE resources for teachers.  This site is packed with free content, I have made numerous lists of my favorite free educational sites that you and your students can utilize, I’ve given you several free ebooks that I have written, and I’ve spent many hours answering your emails about teaching and learning for free (keep them coming!)


Even though that’s a pretty impressive list, I’m going to tell you about the best free thing I will ever give you!


The website is called http://www.edweb.net and it is free to join.


Why join edWeb, you ask?  It’s like “Facebook” for educators!  Instead of talking about leisure time activities, you can network with your colleagues in the educational profession, engage in meaningful discussions about teaching and learning, and share ideas with thousands of people who are striving to do what you are striving to do – engage our young people in the learning process.


Here’s how easy it is to join:

*Go to http://www.edweb.net

*Click on the button called:  “Join the edWeb – It’s Free”

*Fill in your name, email address, and create a password

*Hit the button called “Join the edWeb”

*That’s it!


You can then start making “friends” with teachers in your grade/subject area, or join one of the many “groups” that exist.


I have my own group on edWeb called (what else) “New Teacher Help”.  I am hosting a free webinar every month, and I’ll talk about everything from classroom management, building relationships, avoiding “Career Killers”, your mental health, how to make yourself indispensible, and other things you may not have been taught in college.  Don’t worry if you miss the live webinars…they are recorded and stored within the group for later viewing.  The group has all sorts of cool toys like a blog, chat room, document storage area, a place to display links to helpful websites, and other great stuff!


The link is http://www.edweb.net/newteacherhelp


Did I mention that all of this is free?


If you have any trouble getting set up, drop me a line at newteacherhelp@yahoo.com


See you there!

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