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You may have heard of my website, www.newteacherhelp.com but did you know that there are many more ways to keep in touch with me and have access to tons of free resources to help administrators, teachers, and parents?  We didn't get into this business to get rich (if we did, wouldn't we be pretty disappointed by now?)  Ha!  My reward is helping YOU by giving away as much free stuff as I can find or generate myself!


I have signed an agreement with Digital Learning Tree to give YOU exclusive access to their most popular course (a $279 value).  Email me at newteacherhelp@yahoo.com and I will give you a username and password.  There is no catch....you will receive "Digital Teacher" certification when you complete this FREE course!  I get hundreds of emails a day, so put "Digital Teacher" in the subject line of the email so I read yours first!

I host a community on edWeb that features free monthly webinars, chatrooms, a blog, and lets me give away all of my ebooks for free!  This isn't just for new teachers - it's for ALL educators.


My "New Teacher Help" community was such a big hit on edWeb.net, they signed me up to host another community!  This one is called "TechTools for the Classroom", and it is FREE as well!

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My list of the 50 best free teacher resources in 2011:

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My list of the 50 best free teacher resources in 2012:

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Download "10Q DC", my first educational app about Washington, DC!

Just type "newteacherhelp" in the search bar of iTunes App Store or Droid Marketplace
It's FREE!

I have partnered with a "Technology Integration Specialist" for a school district in Southeast Missouri, and he has helped me build a website that walks teachers step-by-step through the process of becoming a 21st Century Teacher!


I use video technology to walk you through the most BASIC functions on the computer....this is so easy, my own parents are now able to run a computer!



Ask me a question about teaching and learning 24/7:



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