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Why Most PD Stinks

We all know this to be true...most Professional Development stinks.
The problem is we all have to accumulate PD hours to keep our certification, so we HAVE to go!

Why does Professional Development stink, you ask?  Here are some reasons why:

*Teachers frequently have NO CHOICE of topics they can learn about
*Administrators have to WASTE MONEY on conference fees, travel expenses, and hiring substitutes to cover the teachers who are gone
*There's NO ACCOUNTABILITY - Did the teacher go to the training?  Did they pay attention?  No one knows...
*There's NO FOLLOW UP - Many teachers return to their school, shut their classroom door, and teach the same way they did before the training. 
There's no way for the teacher to receive guidance and support when they run into a problem or have a question...so they abandon the initiative.
*The teacher's time isn't valued - They are forced to go to training during school hours, and have to follow the schedule of the presenter.  There is no opportunity for the teacher to earn college credit for their attendance at most PD sessions

I have found the answer to all of these concerns - It's a company called Digital Learning Tree, and they are revolutionizing how teachers receive Professional Development in the 21st Century!

*Teachers can choose what PD topic they want to learn about from an online "Professional Development eCourse Marketplace"
*Teachers can learn on their own time, at their own pace - because the PD is entirely ONLINE!
*Principals love the accountability feature - teachers take quizzes at the end of each lesson, and the quiz grade is automatically emailed to the Principal's email account!
*Once a school buys the course, they OWN it!  Teachers can refer back to the course for clarification or remediation when necessary to help them implement what they have learned.
*Lessons are presented in text form, with links to helpful websites, lesson plans, videos, and other digital content.
*Teachers who complete a course can apply for THREE graduate-level credits from The University of the Pacific (a fully-accredited university) to move up the pay scale!
*Digital Learning Tree will train & certify teachers FOR FREE that want to build their own online courses.
*Teachers can post and sell the online courses they build on DLT's eCourse Marketplace to supplement their income!

I know that this sounds too good to be true...but I can assure you that it IS true!  If you are interested in more information, email my friend Jim Knight, VP of Education for Digital Learning Tree at jim@digitallearningtree.com or visit their website



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